Where is Marion Simmons?

I?m sure all of our customers have been wondering where Marion has been?

Well we are sad to say Marion has retired. It was 22 years ago that Marion started working at Tags. I think we can safely say that she has served most of the town a coffee to two.

Marion had a unique way of dealing with the public that left our customers with a grin o their faces. You never knew quite what to expect, Marion was quick with response, and nothing could rattle her, not for the lack of trying from some of our regulars! Respect was well deserved; Marion earned that when she received the Customer Service Award for Tumbler Ridge Businesses. It was a proud moment for Marion and her family, and a great accomplishment to add to a life full of accomplishments. Marion was assistant Manager for us on the later part of her career, which gave us the opportunity as employers to have the chance to leave the store in her hands. Anyone in this kind of work knows how valuable she was to us.

It?s odd to see Marion on the other side of the till. It must be a nice change. Marion you will be greatly missed at the store by everyone, enjoy life, and your family to the fullest.

Pernell & Joanne