White Walkers: Heli-snowshoeing with the Tumbler Ridge Global Geopark and Ridge Rotors

A group of snowshoers up in the wintery alpine.

The intrepid explorers make their way across the meadows at the base of the Shark’s Fin.

Call it proof of a concept. While Heli-snowshoeing has been tried elsewhere, it’s never been tried in this corner of the world, so on February 20, the Tumbler Ridge Global Geopark and Ridge Rotors Helicopter Services arranged a trip.

Ridge Rotors Helicopter in flight.

Our chariot; despite strong gusts throughout the day, Ridge Rotors was able to get the travelers safely into and out of our destination.

Editor Trent Ernst joined a dozen other adventurers as they made their way across a sometimes bleak, sometimes breathtakingly beautiful landscape just west of Monkman Provincial Park. (Just above the mountain ridge in the Tumbler Ridge News Logo, as a matter of fact. See our cover page logo.)


A group of snowshoers in the snowy alpine

The majority of the group waves from the top of a ridge, with part of the Shark’s Fin Massif beyond. This is typical of the visibility during the day.

While the weather could have been better, everyone in attendance appeared to have a great time. Currently there’s no word on when the next trip might be organized, interested parties can add their name to a list to get a call when the next trip goes out by contacting the Visitor Information Centre at 250-242-3123 or Ridge