Who is running this show Anyways?

It finally gave up the ghost. Our old beater had fought the good fight to the end, taking us where we needed to go year after year even though we demanded much from the poor thing. The emission?s test nearly killed poor Old Bessie. Yet, she hung on for another little while until we came to a place of putting her down like ?Old Yeller?. (Walt Disney)

Needing a car for work, we decided to buy a nearly new car. Nobody wanted a hefty car payment or a price hike in vehicle insurance, but out of necessity we decided to give in. We really didn?t have a choice, if we were going to get to work – no busses run in that area ? we were forced to make the ?big decision.? I could almost feel the betrayal against Dear Old Bessie build inside me when I sat in my beautiful car. I pictured the wreckers demolishing her for a few minutes. There were some good old memories with that car. Yet, she was long gone now, too old and beat up to do anybody else any good.

What we hadn?t counted on were the gas prices. Yes, we?ve heard people whine about this before and it never seems to reach the ears of those who could do something about this. Whining doesn?t work. Temper Tantrums hardly get noticed. If anybody went around in nothing about a fig leaf to get attention crying, ?Down with gas prices,? I don?t think that would work either. You?d get a few laughs, maybe a little media attention, but I think that this would be the end of that person?s protest.

It?s a wonder anybody in government is listening.

Despite their turning deaf ears to public complaints on this issue, it merits repeating that gas prices are out of control and somebody sitting up there in their cushioned seats in government should take notice and actually do something about this. Do you feel as though they are listening? I don?t.

Yet, I would like to shout at the top of my lungs to government and the powers-that-be, ?Gas hikes hurt the regular Joes more than anything.? We already know it affects businesses since gas is an added expense to running their enterprises. People with higher incomes will complain as well, but they have more money than the lower income folks to cope with such things. Yes, they are placed in higher tax brackets, but they have more money to play around with than the usual Joes.

Taxes are already deducted from our minimal wages and we already pay taxes on gas. We are being squeezed like rocks on the ground with nothing to give. We are all dried up.

We all know folks need wheels to get to places of employment because they need work to survive. We are all in the same boat, forced to pay higher insurance rates. We are forced to pay higher gas prices to run vehicles. Let?s face it, without gas, we are all going nowhere fast. It?s just too bad it has to take such a big bite out of hard earned dollars.

If it didn?t hurt the pocket book so much or if it didn?t hurt the average Joes so much, the gas game would make me laugh to watch as the gas prices rise and fall, fall and rise, every week.

You?d almost think there was a mad scientist sitting at some huge control board flicking switches at will just for the fun of watching people scramble from one gas station to the next to get the best deal or to get their tanks filled before the next gas hike.

It makes me wonder, ?Who?s running this show anyways??