Whodunnit – Murder at the Juice Joint

Elementary, my dear Watson. Saturday night, March 14 was an extremely busy night for our community. There was the St. Patrick?s Day dinner fundraiser at the Twilight Lodge for a community family, the Oldtimer?s Hockey Tournament and Beer Gardens and then suddenly – the shocking sound of a Tommy Gun at the Community Centre.

A small but spirited group showed up for Murder at the Juice Joint, a 1920?s murder mystery party hosted by Theatre On The Ridge – Grizzly Valley Players. Approximately 35 participants, including 14 from the drama group, made for an interesting evening of investigation, flirting and money exchange.

As appetizers were served, smoke filled the Speakeasy and drinks flowed from the prohibition bar, aptly named the Blackwater-ing Hole in tribute to sponsorship from Blackwater Oil and Gas. A jovial Merl Gordan from the company attended with several friends and seemed to be having a good time.

The costumes were impressive, some ordered, some homemade and some put together from people?s closets and the Thrift Store. There wasn?t a man?s suit to be had at the Thrift Store prior to this event. Hopefully this was good business for ?I Can?t Believe It?s A Thrift Store?.

The game was an evening of conversations between players, who each had a list of objectives to fill: either giving out pertinent information or receiving it. It was a great showing of how people in general got into character and took on the personalities of their 1920?s roles. In the end several people won certificates in the categories of Best Drama Queen (won by a male). Mr. Money Bags (for having the most play money at the end of the night), Looks that Kill (best costume) and 5 prizes for Smoking Gun (Super Sleuthing). There were a total of 8 people, who guessed the murderer correctly, with 5 taking home prizes by draw.

It was a lot of fun for those who attended. Some people chose to come as observers and were overheard saying that they would love to try the next murder mystery as a character. There will be a next time, to be sure. Keep your ears pinned and thanks to everyone who came out to have fun and especially to Merl Gordan and Blackwater Oil and Gas for their contribution. It was a killer night!

Grizzly Valley Players is an adult drama company in Tumbler Ridge. If you are interested in joining them, please drop by or contact Erin Hanna 250-242-3364 or grizzlyvalleyplayers@yahoo.com