Wildland Interface Committee Report

Tuesday July 22, 2008 saw the second meeting of the Wild and Urban Interface Committee. The first meeting was held June 24, 2008.

The purpose of this committee is to get the Wildfire Protection Plan in place and working.

At the first meeting: the video ?In our Defense? was shown. It is a 26 minute video which shows a well designed Wildfire Protection program in Logan Lake, BC. Logan Lake is just like Tumbler Ridge, situated right in the middle of a forest.

This introductory meeting was to get people involved. The need is to form a Wildland Fire Protection Committee to develope a 5 ? 10 year plan. It was suggested at this meeting that the recommended zone which is currently 8 km may now need to be increased to lessen the threat to our infrastructure. The pine beetle and dead fall in town green spaces in the lower bench etc are causing fuels to be high in our area. There is funding available to help with the cost of this.

There is no funding for homeowners to fire smart their property. Fire Chief Tim Lee is considering demonstrations to show people how to prepare their own lots.

The minutes of the first meeting are available at the Chamber of Commerce office.

2nd Meeting: Ellis Howard, President and myself went to this meeting.

The distribution of the FireSmart Manuals was discussed again. Barton Insurance, Town Hall, and the Chamber have manuals available to the public.

Highlights of the second meeting are use of land for funding. Adlard Environmental Ltd. is waiting to get a contract signed with Council. Then they can proceed with the funding application.

Reports: Alissia Sawicki, has prepared a Mountain Pine Beetle Assessment and Plan. ? Ministry of the Environment burning protocals – Crime Prevention through Environmental Design? Forestry road widths,

West Fraser will also help with the cleanup.