Will Tumbler reclaimits earth hour title?

BC Earth hour, photo credit c. Jeremiah Armstrong / WWF-Canada

Trent Ernst, Editor

Two years ago, Tumbler Ridge placed second in the Earth Hour Challenge, saving nearly five percent of its energy and beating out all towns in BC save for Pitt Meadows, a community of 17,000 on the fringes of the Lower Mainland.

Of course, Earth Hour happens during spring break, meaning that there is a chance that five percent of the population of Tumbler Ridge was simply out of town. That theory is backed up by the fact that another South Peace town—Pouce Coupe—was also in the top ten.

In 2012, while the provincial Earth Hour stats were about the same as the year before—121 Megawatt Hours saved—Tumbler Ridge wasn’t even on the list of communities that saved energy, despite the fact that it once again fell during spring break.

In 2013, Tumbler Ridge will be hard pressed to regain a spot on the podium. In 2012, the winning city, Revelstoke, saved nearly twice as much as Pitt Meadows had the year before, and a half dozen communities placed higher than Tumbler Ridge did the year before.