Windfall Lake trail to get boardwalk

Charles Helm, WNMS


The main WNMS trail-enhancement project for 2015 is the board-walking of a 110 metre boggy section on the Windfall Lake trail. This will be similar to the successful Babcock Falls project of 2014.

Twenty-nine boardwalks are required, each 12 foot long and 30 inches wide. That’s well over 2000 screws that need to be screwed into the decking. Dean Turner at Ace Hardware donated the cutting of the decking into 30 inch lengths.

These will be transported to the trailhead on a large flatbed trailer and flown in by helicopter to the boggy area in August.

The Peace River Regional District has generously provided $6,750 in funding that will cover most of the expenses. Emperor’s Challenge proceeds will be used for the rest. HD Mining has promised to donate cedar 6 x 6s for the ground layer.

Windfall Lake is an important geosite for the Tumbler Ridge Global Geopark. Geopark signage was installed along the first fifty metres of the trail last weekend, along with signage for the Pinnacle Peak route which starts at the same trailhead.

Amazingly, within days of the call going out for WNMS volunteers, the boardwalk-building project in the Helm backyard was almost complete. Brandon Braam fetched and delivered the lumber, and Larry White, Ted Antle (and grandkids Madelon and Sebastian), Jim Kincaid and Antonio Suncion spent many volunteer hours of construction time.

Once again, this is a story of Tumbler Ridge volunteers receiving generous support from regional government and industry, and working together to create a legacy project that will benefit the Geopark, the trail system, and regional tourism for many years to come.