Winning an iPad for being a tourist in her own town

Lynsey Kitching


The reward is really checking out all of the neat things to do in and around your town, but on top of this, participants in the tourist in your own town contest, run through the visitors centre has a chance to win an iPad.

The contest stipulated contestants had to visit ten locations and then post a photo of themselves at the destination to the “Visit Tumbler Ridge” Facebook page. If they did this, they were entered in the draw to win the grand prize, an iPad Mini 16GB.

Each “post” entered the tourists into a draw, so if they only visited five locations, they would still be entered for secondary prizes, but not in the main draw.

The contest ran from July 9th to August 9th.

There were 19 locals who participated in the event, 201 entries into the smaller prize draw and 17 entries into the draw for the ipad.

The winner of the iPad and also the leatherman was Michealah Schofield.

The winners of the draw are as follows, Tara Zhydkykh won the bear; Mark Deeley won the TR sunglasses; Lydia Starr won Charles Helm’s book, Exploring TR and Stacie Gruntman (wife of Mark Deeley) won the swim pass.