Winter Olympics celebrated at Tumbler Ridge Elementary

Tumbler Ride Elementary (TRE) School celebrated the Winter Olympics with a variety of activities. It all started, as any good Olympic games, with a torch relay. Two students from each class carried the torch around the school until the final lap was completed by Mme. Ferguson and Mrs. Proulx. Each class selected a country to cheer for and to kept track of their medals on a big chart beside the office. On the afternoon of Feb. 16th we held our version of the Winter Games. The colder weather and icy fields did not dampen spirits as we moved the games indoors. The Biathlon was completed on paper plate skis and shooting rubber balls at skittle sticks. Alpine Skiing was accomplished on scooters using toilet plungers for ski poles. Figure skating allowed everyone to show off their skills and grace while completing pirouettes, double toe loops and triple axles after skating on a scooter.

Cross country skiing was fun as students got to ride a teacherĀ¹s chair down the hallway through an obstacle course. Another station was curling as we tried to get the rocks on wheels into the house. The Rest and Relaxation station was a favorite as the athletes enjoyed hot chocolate and a cookie while sharing stories of past glories and dreams of Olympic gold. Thanks to the parent group for the supplying the goodies for the day.

A special thank you to the parents, teachers, staff and students who helped to make our Olympic games a success.


Tumbler Ridge Elementary is looking for artists in the community who would be willing to share their expertise. Please contact the office if you have art skills and knowledge you wish to share with our students.