A presentation hosted by the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation and Tumbler Ridge Public Library

Dr Darren Irwin, Assistant Professor of Zoology, University of British Columbia, will deliver an illustrated talk on

Tuesday 29 May in the

Tumbler Ridge Public Library at 7 p.m.

Dr Irwin has been researching the fascinating topic of birds that have been separated into eastern and western populations by glaciation, that have now re-encountered each other. The Tumbler Ridge area happens to be a focal meeting point for this phenomenon. Intriguing results are emerging, using tools like mitochondrial DNA analysis. As a result it is probable that a new bird species will be described in North America, as the winter wren population will probably be split into two species. The wren population beside the Quality Falls hiking trail, near Tumbler Ridge, where the eastern and western forms co-exist, contributed to this recognition. Old growth forest is required habitat for these wrens. Dr Irwin?s talk will include his study of other east-west pairs that meet around Tumbler Ridge, like the Mourning and MacGillivray?s Warblers.

Dr Irwin?s remarkable work, which emphasizes the importance of places like Tumbler Ridge in North American ornithology, will form the subject of a new TRMF exhibit in the Community Centre. This will be formally opened on June 27th. For more information visit and click on ?wrens? for details on the Tumbler Ridge research. Please consider attending what promises to be an outstanding evening on May 29th.