WNMS plans new trails for 2008.

Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society volunteers have ambitious plans to enhance and extend the trail system this year. Its thirty trails have already helped make Tumbler Ridge a choice tourist destination for active visitors who enjoy getting out and taking in the magnificent scenery.

The first project is the conversion of the Bergeron Falls trail into a circular route. This popular trail leads to the highest accessible waterfall in northeastern BC. This improvement will also make it possible to visit the foot of the falls in an immense amphitheatre – quite an overpowering experience.

The second and third projects are similar in nature and involve easing access to two of the finest alpine attractions in the region: the Albright Ridge and Windfall Lake. Repeated use over the last few years has created established routes, but there is still a lot of deadfall that impedes hiking. Removal of this deadfall and simple brushing will make for relatively easy hiking through the forest. Once the treeline is passed, hikers will be in superb alpine wilderness and free to choose their own routes.

These enhancements should help entrench Tumbler Ridge?s reputation as an outstanding, emerging hiking destination.