Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society

21 members attended the Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society AGM on October 3 in the Library. A busy agenda covered many interesting and novel issues.

Tumbler Ridge Economic Development Officer Ray Proulx reported on the Pine Beetle infestation and its possible implications for the region and the hiking trail system – WNMS and District of TR will continue to work together on this. Ray generously described WNMS as “a gift to the community” and was in turn thanked for his support of WNMS since becoming EDO.

Over the past year WNMS has met on half a dozen occasions with industry regarding seismic lines where these potentially impact the trail system or sensitive areas – all discussions have been resolved productively for all parties.

Kevin Sharman in his president’s report reviewed the year’s highlights and focussed on the reputation WNMS has earned for reasonableness and delivering what it promises. Barry Blackman’s Treasurer’s Report was discussed and accepted.

The proposed NEMI mining development could impact three of the hiking trails and the Emperor’s Challenge.

WNMS puts on four annual events, the Ski Race in winter, the Biathlon in spring, the Emperor’s Challenge in summer and the Cross Country Run in fall – this year all were once again very successful. WNMS coaches continue to provide cross-country skiing programs for the BC Rabbit Program and clinics for adults, and a cross country running program in the schools.

An advance schedule was posted this year for WNMS outings, which were well attended at an average of two per month.

Larry White reported on the construction of the Cascades trails and campsites – this was the highlight of the year’s trail-building activities, and the campsites have already received heavy use, beside “the most beautiful place in the province”. Other trail improvements included a short-cut on the Bergeron Cliffs trail and the construction of offshoots to Dipper Falls and Scalpel Ridge near Bergeron Falls.

All eighteen trails have been well maintained by a few WNMS volunteers. To help spread this load more evenly, an Adopt-a-Trail concept was approved, in which a group of members will volunteer to assume responsibility for a particular trail for a season.

A Tumbler Ridge Trail Passport concept was also endorsed, in which an attractive document will be created and marketed, to get stamped when destinations have been visited. This should further increase interest in the trails and community, and provide a collector’s item.

Shorter items included:

Insurance policies need to be streamlined to avoid redundancy and excessive costs.

A member’s private proposal for a Murray River Protected Area was discussed.

WNMS is willing to contribute to the proposed Winter Carnival.

A letter has been received from Western Canadian Coal regarding its Wolverine Mine – road access to Mt Speiker and Mt Reesor will be maintained for hiking.

WNMS will be receiving an program award from Peace River Regional District on October 16.

WNMS is liaising with the Golf Club regarding activities in winter that can increase use of the restaurant if it is open.

A meeting is planned with Cpl Peats and By-Law Officer Golob regarding the policing of Lost Haven Cabin and enforcing by-laws on the Wolverine ski trail system.

WNMS membership has been stable at around 150.

The Executive was re-elected by acclamation: Kevin Sharman as President, Doug Foerster as Vice President, Barry Blackman as Treasurer and Charles Helm as Secretary. Various portfolios were then assigned for the numerous WNMS activities, and the two-and-a-half hour-long AGM was dissolved.

Further information on WNMS is available at www.pris.bc.ca/wnms

Membership is a nominal $20 per person per year or $40 per family. Membership forms can be obtained on the website or at the Doctor’s Office.