Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society host Flatbed Loops

Monday 26 April the Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society launched its new fitness initiative, the Flatbed Loops. This challenging 2.25 kilometer course leads from the Flatbed Campground under the bridge, up some steep inclines on the Linking Trail overlooking Flatbed Canyon, then back down ?Suicide Hill? to the finish.

Young and old, runners, joggers, and walkers all are welcome to participate. Those who wish can use the stopwatch each week to record their times and monitor their improving aerobic fitness. Those who are not competitive can simply come out for the social aspect and enjoy the scenery and clean fresh air.

An impressive crowd of 34 turned up for the inaugural event, and all completed it to the sound of the finishing bell with a smile and sense of achievement. Later in the summer, wiener roasts will be held after the event.

Meet at Flatbed Campground each Monday at 7-30 to take part in the Flatbed Loops.