Sixteen Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society members attended the Annual General Meeting in the Tumbler Ridge Public Library on 16 October.

Fred Booker delivered the President?s Report and thanked the core group of volunteers and volunteer coaches who had worked so hard over the past year and provided him with such good support. He spoke of the changing dynamics in Tumbler Ridge and the effects on WNMS activities. He proposed a spring WNMS event / meeting, before the hiking and trail-building season.

Dan Wilde?s Treasurer?s Report was read out. Approval was tabled until final bank statements are in. The Society?s financial position continues to be strong, thanks to fund-raising events, strong membership numbers, and support from industry.

Larry White reported that there has been almost no vandalism this year at the Lost Haven Cabin (RCMP presence has been effective). The new eavestroughs have worked well and there has been a supply of water. Larry also reported on the new WNMS shed, and donors were again acknowledged. Much of the work was done by Arnold Kaun, who is leaving Tumbler Ridge. Arnold?s work was applauded.

Charles Helm provided a detailed hiking trail report. A huge amount of work was done maintaining the trails this year, and a new extension to the Boulder Gardens trail was constructed. Applications will be made for 2008 to build access trails to Albright Ridge and Windfall Lake, and to make the Bergeron Falls hike into a circular route. The Monkman Pass Memorial Trail has also come along really well, and the section inside the provincial park is complete. Just 18 kilometers at the far end still need to be built, hopefully in 2008. Magnificent helicopter support from Veritas made this work possible.

A letter will be written to District of Tumbler Ridge requesting a more formal meeting and reporting structure. Approval was given for the concept of a proposal to BC Conservation Corps, jointly with District of Tumbler Ridge and BC Parks, for trail improvement and maintenance in 2008. It was agreed that it was not necessary for 2008 to apply for Grant-in-Aid funds from District of Tumbler Ridge.

Linda Helm and Birgit Sharman provided the Coaches? Report, thanked their fellow-coaches and reported on the various coaching programs.


1) Ridge Ramble Cross Country Race: (Linda Helm) 73 participants.

2) Ridge Ramble Cross Country Ski Race: (Birgit Sharman) 33 entries.

3) Ridge Ramble Biathlon: (Linda Helm) 35 entries.

4) Flatbed Loops: 100 participants, average 26, longer season than before. New course records.

5) Emperor?s Challenge: Doug Foerster spoke at length about this year?s great event, which had a record 280 entries.

6) Outings: Crys White suggested that WNMS take a break from these for 2008, as they involve lots of volunteer commitment, and perhaps resume in 2009.

7) Itchy Feet: Charles Helm reported on what was arguably the best season yet. A similar season is planned for 2007-08.

8) Banff Films: Crys White reported that WNMS will once again assist with this in December 2008.


Fred Booker and Charles Helm reported on numerous meetings and letters with BC Parks, Ministry of Tourism, O&G industry, coal industry, seismic industry, wind energy industry etc. Most issues were resolved easily, to the benefit of all.

MAJOR PURCHASES in 2006-07 included a new snowmobile, the shed, and a new LCD timer for race events.

Kevin Sharman reported on the WNMS website and brochure maintenance, and the new brochures for 2007: Nesbitt?s Knee and Barbour Falls, and Boundary Road hiking trails. Appreciation was expressed for Kevin?s continuing good work.

ATHLETICS TRACK: Charles Helm reported on progress and the meeting he, Birgit and Marsha Dufresne had with Mayor and Council in the summer. No work has been done by District of Tumbler Ridge since, largely due to staffing shortages. It was agreed that WNMS request transfer of True Sport $10000 to WNMS; as a volunteer group it may be able to secure donations and get the necessary work done (track lanes, over-seeding, shot put and discus concrete circles, improved long jump pit).

It was agreed to donate $100 to Tumbler Ridge Public Library in appreciation of the use of this facility for meetings and Itchy Feet evenings.


President: Fred Booker ? elected by acclamation Vice president: Crys White ? elected by acclamation

Secretary: Charles Helm ? elected by acclamation Treasurer:Patsy Antle – elected by acclamation

Portfolios were assigned for the many projects and tasks of 2007-08, and the meeting closed after two and a half productively spent hours.