Wolverine Nordic Mountain Society brings out new brochures to promote tourism in Tumbler Ridge

A number of new publications are hitting the shelves of Visitor Info Centres across the Peace Region and beyond, thanks to Tumbler Ridge?s Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society.

First of these is the 2007 edition of the Monkman Pass Memorial Trail Driving tour brochure, which has been expanded to include 48 points of interest. leading from Grande Prairie along the old Monkman Pass route, and to Kinuseo Falls, via Tumbler Ridge, this tour combines healthy outdoor hiking adventures, a tangible sense of our unique 1930s history, and dinosaur attractions. Many of the new points of interest are on the Alberta side of the border, making this truly an interprovincial destination attraction. Five thousand copies have been printed, thanks to donations received from regional industry.

Next is a summary brochure of the thirty six trails that are now available for hiking enjoyment in the Tumbler Ridge area, called ?Hike the Tumbler Ridge Trails?. The main special features of each trail are briefly described, along with length, level of difficulty, distance from Tumbler Ridge, hazards, etc. This should be a welcome tool for residents and locals, who can otherwise feel a bit overwhelmed by the variety and numbers of trails that have been developed.

Coming soon will be the final two brochures developed by Kevin Sharman summarizing the trails in more detail. First of these will be the guide for Nesbitt?s Knee Falls and Barbour Falls. Trails to these have existed for years, but have not been marketed because of inadequate parking facilities. Thanks to an in-kind donation from Hillsborough Resources in 2006, safe parking areas were constructed at the trailheads. These destinations will offer variety on a trip to Kinuseo Falls. The trail to each waterfall is just about a kilometer long and fairly easy.

Then there is the detailed brochure on the five trails accessed from the Boundary Road: Uppermost Flatbed, Mt Clifford, Stony Lake, Kruger?s Flats and Long Lake. These trails offer canoeing, mountain biking and swimming options in addition to hiking. As more of the Boundary Road gets paved each year, more tourists can be expected to make use of these trails. These five destinations are also an important part of the Monkman Pass Memorial Trail.