Wolverine Nordic Mountain Society Trail update

Signage has been ordered for a number of trail improvements, and soon each trailhead will also have a large three-blade sign in addition to the existing signage.

The new route up Mt. Kostuik has been cut and flagged, with welcome funding support from Peace River Coal. This has the capacity to become the new Emperor?s Challenge route in the future if the current route becomes impassable. It provides a quick, scenic route up this impressive mountain while avoiding the difficult steep slope that previously had to be negotiated.

The Albright Ridge Hiking Route was cut and flagged with signage to follow. This provides an extremely easy route up to treeline for this superb alpine destination, more than making up for the long, fairly rough access road.

In the next couple of weeks the Windfall Lake Hiking Route will be developed – this is another important project, with yet another outstanding overnight alpine destination. Deadfall needs to be removed and the route brushed for about six kilometres. Volunteers prepared to help out with this can please call Fred at 250 242 3437.

In September the Bergeron Falls Circular route will be created, and the call will go out then for volunteers. This will enhance what is already a class destination into something truly superlative close to Tumbler Ridge.

The Quality Mouth and Canyon brochure has been developed and is now on the website ( www.pris.bc.ca/wnms ) with the Lake Joan brochure coming soon.

The Emperor?s Challenge route was reflagged and staked and looks in great shape for the run on August 9th. It looks like we will be having another large field of entries. Some folks have asked if they can practice on it; please note that this is not feasible as part of it is within the mining blast zone.

The rest of our trails are in good shape and are seeing a lot of use. Please send an email if you have any comments about any of the trails or have suggested improvements.