There are many aspects to the role of the Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society (WNMS), from building and maintaining hiking trails, to liaising with industry, to organizing competitive events and coaching kids. To this varied list can now be added the cleaning up of alpine pollution. During the course of its exploration of the region over the years, a number of sites have been discovered by WNMS where dozens of batteries had been abandoned on alpine summits and ridges. As the batteries decay, their contents leach into the surrounding mountainside and vegetation, clearly not a good thing. This issue has been reported to the Ministry of Environment in the past and brought to the attention of the Regional District.

Fred and Shawna Booker voluntarily maintain some of the WNMS trails, and this year agreed to take on the Mt Clifford trail (Fred is also the WNMS President). This included the most easily accessible of the known battery pollution sites. They found twenty batteries on the summit ridge, and were able to bring them all down to their vehicle. Appropriate disposal of these toxic items is now being arranged.

Although the area of vegetation around the battery site has been damaged, future hikers will be able to enjoy the mountain-top and its magnificent scenery in a much more natural state, thanks to the efforts of this couple.