Wolverine worker remains in coma after Kamloops incident

Trent Ernst, Editor

Michael Forry, a 46-year-old employee remains in an induced coma after an altercation in Kamloops left him with severe head injuries.

According to Ann Forry, his sister, who was interviewed on CBC Kamloops, doctors had to remove a portion of the left side of his skull to reduce pressure. “It’s been hell for us,” she said.

Forry is a single parent, raising his 13-year-old daughter. According to his sister, he also supports his parents, who have disabilities.

According to a release from the Kamloops RCMP, Forry was the passenger in a red Ford Expedition which drove by and honked at a group of teenage skateboarders who were jay walking a road outside a 7-Eleven in Kamloops.

Reportedly, the people inside the vehicle believed that the vehicle had been struck with an object. They pulled into the 7-Eleven parking lot and Forry hopped out of the vehicle and confronted the kids, reportedly pushing a 17-year-old girl to the ground before moving towards a 15-year-old boy. “Both persons were yelling at each other in an aggressively heated verbal exchange,” says the RCMP report.

Again, according to the RCMP report, Forry moved towards the youth, who struck him in the head with his skateboard.

This is where Forry’s sister has a problem with the official report. She says according to the doctors, Forry was hit on the back of the head. To her, this doesn’t say her brother was moving aggressively towards the teen, but “was in a vulnerable position.”

After being hit, Forry fell forward, banging his head on the pavement, causing more damage. So far, no charges have been laid. The youth, who was arrested at the scene, was released after processing.