Women?s Counsellor and Safe House Coordinator

We are pleased to announce that Lora Harder is our new Women?s Counsellor and Safe House Coordinator in Tumbler Ridge as part of the Counselling Services provided in the TR Health Center. Lora and her family came to TR after living in Northern Saskatchewan where Lora has spent the last nine years working in the counselling field. Lora comes to TR with her husband Todd and two children, Tiara and Jadein.

Lora has a very special passion for women and helping them in times of crisis and stress. Any women can access free and confidential counseling services with Lora simply by calling her at 242-5505.Common issues women would see Lora for would include; loss and grief, relationship struggles, leaving an abusive relationship, past abuse issues, childhood trauma, building self-esteem or any other issue affecting a women?s sense of self. Lora will also be working collaboratively with other services in town to make sure women are provided with a safe place to go in times of crisis to ensure they get the care they need to be free from violence in their lives.