Working to recreate a Chamber of Commerce

Many exciting events are appearing on the horizon for the District of Tumbler Ridge. As each comes to fruition they will have a profound impact on the social and economic aspects of our community. In order to prepare for these events and receive the maximum amount benefit from them, local businesses and organizations must work in a collective, organized fashion to position themselves for success. Several members of the business community have recognized this and have indicated the need for everyone to work together, thereby making each other stronger as we strive to achieve common goals.

It is clear that the time has come to reestablish a Chamber of Commerce in Tumbler Ridge, to help promote the community as a prime location to live, work and succeed.

Our first Chamber of Commerce has been legally dissolved, thereby allowing the creation of a brand new organization to collectively represent Tumbler Ridge?s local business community. This must be built from the ground up and will require a great deal of dedication from local businesses, organizations and municipal government in order to be effective. Realizing the importance of having a strong Chamber of Commerce in the community, the District of Tumbler Ridge has taken the first step in bringing all interested parties together to set the course for making it a reality.

The first meeting to discuss the creation of a new Chamber of Commerce will take place on Wednesday March 24th, 7:00pm in Room 5 of the Community Centre. Please show your active support in laying the foundation of our new economy by participating in this forum. For more information please contact Ray Proulx, Economic Development Officer at (250) 242.4242, ext. 225 or