Working Towards Large Lot Development in TR

Tumbler Ridge is a growing community. Despite the recent global economic shake up the long-term prospects for the mining and the oil and gas industries in our area are excellent. To this end, the District has been taking steps to ensure we are prepared to accommodate growth. Part of this preparation for growth is to ensure that there is an available supply of residential properties that are attractive to people that may choose to move to our community. While there are many great reasons to live in Tumbler Ridge, one notable feature that we lack is larger residential properties. It?s not secret that traditionally the District has had limited housing options resulting in lost opportunities to attract permanent residents. Recognizing the need to provide greater housing choices, the District of Tumbler Ridge, through the Official Community Plan and Land Disposition Strategy, identified property adjacent to the Tumbler Ridge Golf Course as being suitable for larger lot residential development.

The District has initiated a unique process to explore how this site could be designed and ultimately developed to complement the character, quality and values unique to our community. This process will include a charette exercise (translation ? a short, but extremely intensive exercise) that will engage community stakeholders to identify key community values and to develop a vision for the site based on those values. Based on the input from stakeholders, the consultant engaged to facilitate this process will develop a series of design principles and preliminary sketches illustrating how the neighbour-hood could feel and function. On Thursday, March 12, the initial results of this exercise will be presented in text and graphic form at an open house 7pm at the Community Centre, Room 4. Everyone is invited to attend to learn more about the exercise and to provide feedback on the results to date. This is a unique opportunity to help guide the development of an exciting new subdivision in our own community, so we hope that people are able to come out. For more information, please contact Ray Proulx, Economic Development Officer, at (250)242-4242.