Writing and Walking Sticks ? Gwillim weekend

Ken Belford is one of the presenters at the Writing and Walking Sticks weekend. Below is a brief biography.

Ken Belford was born to a farming family near DeBolt, Alberta, and grew up in East Vancouver.

In addition to several chapbooks, he has published four books of poetry; Fireweed, The Post Electric Caveman, Pathways Into the Mountains, and recently, ecologue (Harbour Publishing). His new book, scattered speckles, will be appearing in July of 2007, published by Nomados Editions, Vancouver.

Difficult to categorize, Belford?s poetics blend borders. He is a self-educated lan(d)guage poet (his term), who mixes back country knowledge and experience with the questions, philosophies and linguistic particulars of these times. His unique and powerful poems are conscious of their impact on the thinking process. This is truly a language of the land. He lives in Prince George BC with his wife and partner, Si.