45 km northwest of Tumbler Ridge B.C. on Highway 29, about midway between Chetwynd and Tumbler Ridge

Pre-payment preferred $50.00 inclusive

If you have an interest in writing and the outdoors, the Tumbler Ridge and Chetwynd Public Libraries have partnered to offer workshops on May 25th May 26th May27th at Gwillim Lake Outdoor Education Centre that will combining both those interests.

The writing workshops will target four genres: non-fiction, poetry, song and travel while the backcountry skills workshops will include reading topographic maps, bear awareness, trip preparation and no trace camping.

The Gwillim Lake location also offers recreational opportunities for hiking, canoeing and outdoor activities. The intention of the weekend is to inspire the participants to write about their experiences on the land and build their skill levels for travelling and exploring the in this extraordinarily beautiful region. The fee for the entire weekend is $50.00 per person and that includes accommodation and meals! Partial registration available

Workshop facilitators

Barry McKinnon College of New Caledonia instructor and poet: Writing workshops on specific detail and ways to record it in the language of poetry and prose.

The session will include examples, exercises, and applications for immediate and practical use for writers, regardless of level.

Trent Ernst: The Natural Observer: Outdoors and the art of Personal Narrative

Shirlee Matheson, renowned non-fiction writer, cultural and natural history, writing methods

Ken Belford celebrated Eco Poet poetry writing techniques guided by the environment

Songwriting workshop with the established Shannon Ingersoll, Music therapist

Outdoor hikes and skills workshops are also possible with special thanks to Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society and Mila.

Program: May 25 Friday Bonus guided hike

Hike to Quality Falls: beginner level or Bergeron Falls: advanced level: meet at 11 a.m. at the Caboose in Tumbler Ridge for either choice: $20.00

Registration and meet Gwillim Educational Centre4 pm – 6 pm Displays, readings, book signings entertainment7 pm – whenever the merriment ends??

May 26 Saturday 10 am -12 pm Workshops of your choice

12 ? 1:30 pm Lunch, nap and walkabouts break

12:30 – 3:30 pm Workshops and Outdoor activities

Outdoor workshops include topographical map reading, orienteering, Bear Aware, preparation planner for day and weekend trips, No trace camping.

EVENING Activities beginning at 7 pm

Poetry readings Ken Belford, Barry McKinnon – Book readings Shirlee Matheson – History of GwillimTrent Ernst – Songs by Shannon Ingersoll and friends – Book signings and sales, displays for all – Amusement and literary enlightenment guaranteed

These events are open to the public who are not able to attend workshops – Admission: dessert

May 27 Sunday 10 am -12 pm Workshops of your choice

12 ? 1:30 pm Lunch, nap and walkabouts break

12:30 – 3:30 pm Workshops and Outdoor activities Optional offering of a hike to beautiful Bullmoose Marshes

Barry McKinnon studied poetry with Irving Layton at Sir George Williams University in Montreal. He taught English at the College of New Caledonia in Prince George BC. McKinnon has been an active prolific poet, editor, publisher and designer since the late 1960s. He writes in the poem/serial sequence, a form that gives him the necessary range in which to articulate the poem?s central truth from angles and perspectives.

He sees the long poem as a way to log his experience and record what he values most in a context of threatening forces, subtle or not.

Awards and Recognition bpNichol Chapbook Best Poetry Award Arrythmia BC Book Awards Dorothy Livesay Prize (1991) Pulp Log Governor General?s Poetry Award, Finalist (1980) The the

?Barry McKinnon?s great skills as a poet make substantial all the living meets with and defines, and must finally accept willy-nilly: ?a centre to hold to when the/mind goes out of the heart, heart out of the mind?.??– Robert Creely

Shirlee Smith Matheson Research, writing and reading tours take Shirlee across Canada to schools, libraries and museums, and into the homes and hangars of aviation heroes whose stories are found in her books. Her latest book, LOST! True Stories of Canadian Aviation Tragedies, brings back stories of unsolved mysteries — of adventure and misadventure — in the hope that readers might keep watching for airplanes that have gone missing and never been found.

Shirlee Smith Matheson works at the Aero Space Museum in Calgary, and has published 13 books, modern-day and historical, for young and adult readers.

Mila Lansdowne – a self portrait. Being a Canadian born in the Czech Republic coming from Germany I consider myself a cosmopolitan. Experiencing different political regimes with by having a strong support from my mother I learned to be very grateful for everything in my life.

Choosing a profession in a very analytical and structured field seemed to balance my creative talents and helped to guide my children. Working in management and spending my free time with music (playing in an orchestra), dance (being competitive dancer) and painting made my life always very joyful and fulfilling.This became the source of my personal ?Philosophy of happiness?.

In 2003 I wrote and self published ?Living in The Peace – experience of the five senses? based on my work as a nature photographer and philosopher. 2004 ?You Are Special? again