Year in Review

My omission: In the first part of the 2003 review I failed to mention the role Doug Cameron played in obtaining the climbing wall for Tumbler Ridge. In fact Doug was a critical component leading to the successful purchase of the wall, as he is in the development of the youth recreation area.

July 02 School year comes to a close with the annual student trip to Gwillim Lake.

July 09 The dinosaur bone bed site excavation attracts media sources, CBC, CTV and Discovery Channel travel to Tumbler Ridge for the event.

July 16 After 20 years of service the curling rink gets a new surface. The cost of refurbishing is $100,000.

July 23 Grizfest is launched at the TRUMP sponsored Java Jive Coffee House.

July 30 Western Canadian Coal CEO, Mr. Charles Pitcher, confirms that all is well within the company. The response came in regard to David Austin leaving WCC to begin the Goldbank coal project located some 25km from Tumbler Ridge.

August 06 Tumbler Ridge?s annual music festival is a success.

August 13 Kris Swanson sets a new course record at the annual Emperor?s Challenge ½ Marathon. The time for 2003 was 1:38:47, the first time any athlete has bettered the 1 hour 40 minute mark.

August 20 WNMS President, Kevin Sharman, finds a theropod footprint while back packing. After marking the site with his GPS, he packs the 65?pound specimen out to a field station.

August 27 Season ends for the Dino Camps after a sold out trial run of six weeks. Plans to double to size of the classes are put in place for 2004.

September 03 Fire rips through an apartment at the bottom of Speiker Hill.

September 10 Students return to school for the 2003-2004 academic year.

September 17 17 Local runners take part in the 2003 Chetwynd ½ marathon.

September 24 Imperial Oil follows Duke Energy and Shell Canada in starting oil and gas operations in the Peace Region. The sour gas well is located 9km west of Gwilliam Lake.

October 01 Carmen Pegg opens a new bottle depot in the industrial park

October 08Runners from across the region compete inSD59 cross country running meet held at the Golf Course.

October 15Councillor Ray Proulx steps down from town council as he accepts the position of Economic Development Officer.

October 22Harry Prosser uses his horses to log out timber at a new sliding hill.

October 29Local runners Laura Sharman, Carina Helm and Shane Kruse all win their divisions in Cross Country meet. Honorable mentions to Amanda Kruse, Sheena Walkly and Esther Walkley.

November 05 David Leverton, museum consultant, leads the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation year-end wrap up. Leverton notes the great strides and made during 2003 and predicts another banner year in 2004.

November 12 Northern Lights College offers residents a full range of support for individuals including GED training.

November 19 World class dog musher Grant Beck visits Tumbler Ridge.

November 26After 20 years in Tumbler Ridge, Al and Edna Kopeck sell Koals True Value to Janice and Dean Turner.

December 03 A steering committee for a Tumbler Ridge branch for pallative care is established.

December 10Western Canadian Coal CEO, Charles Pitcher, brings three South Korean coal representatives to Tumbler Ridge to view the Perry Creek deposit, and to meet with Mayor and council.

December 17A fire destroys the Core Lodge at Babcock Mountain.