You Like Us, You Really Like Us

In just two months since Tumbler Ridge News went on-line, usage has climbed to over 32,000 hits. Publisher and owner Lorraine Funk says ? I?ve been looking at going on line for over a year, but haven?t had the opportunity. One motivation for this venture is the many long time residents of Tumbler Ridge who have moved to other places. ?I felt this was the direction that the newspaper should go; online access offers people an opportunity to stay informed, in a way that is not cost prohibitive.? The ability to update breaking stories on the web is also important for a weekly newspaper. It keeps the community current with events that might not otherwise appear in the print issue.

Consider these emails that have been received at Tumbler Ridge News: ?It is so nice to be able to keep up with the news and happenings of TR. We sure do miss our friends in TR. A big congrats to all who participated in the head shaving to raise funds for breast cancer. You are truly inspirational. We send greetings from Smithers,? Ina and Kent Christianson. ?Great to see you on-line. Congratulations!? Debbie Baron. These are just a couple of the emails that have been sent by former residents who are enjoying the convenience of the Tumbler Ridge News website.

Tumbler Ridge residents enjoy the fact that you can access local news several days before the paper is delivered to their door, the photos are in colour and there are archives of past news stories available all at the click of a mouse.

?I?m really pleased with the Stats.? Says Funk, ?January fourth to January 26th, our first three weeks on line, we had over 12,000 hits. And things just got better in February, averaging 694 hits a day or an average of 28 hits per hour. I think the website will continue to grow as people become more familiar with our site.? Plans for spring? Classified and display adds should be online by June. Check us out at