Youth Volleyball program to start in TR

Lynsey Kitching


Even though the high school volleyball season is finished for the year, coach Brandon Lewis, spurred on by all of the interest at the high school, wants the program to continue.

Lewis says, “We are looking to start up a club volleyball program in town, starting with a girls program due to the interest at the high school, and eventually adding in a boy’s side as well. I want to help the community have a volleyball skill development program that will help the athletes succeed and open up other opportunities; giving them all the chance to get out, have some fun, be active and be a member of a team. Developing skills on top of that is important.”

Though the program is still in its infancy, there are a few details that have been sorted out. It will consist of three different age groups to start (14U, 16U and 18U) and each age group will focus on varying degrees of skills. The plan will be to run the 14U program by themselves with some of the older kids assisting and then the 16U and 18U together. It will run from February until April.

Lewis is still in the process of figuring where and at what times the program will take place. A memo will be going up at the high school in the next week or two, which will have all of the information. Lewis says, “When I get the times sorted I will have an information session for athletes and adults with times, tournaments and costs. I’m hoping it is successful. Having more programs for youth to participate in will help to keep them busy.”