The Walking Fed: new fundraiser for Food Bank

Trent Ernst, Editor

There’s a scene in the movie Zombieland (and, if you’re planning on watching the movie someday, and never have, you might want to skip this paragraph; while it isn’t a plot spoiler, it is one of the best moments of the movie. Just skip on down to paragraph two. Don’t continue reading. I’m going to ruin the movie for you in two…one) when Bill Murray, playing himself, decides to play a trick on a couple of people who have taken shelter in his home. Murray has avoided the zombie apocalypse by dressing up like a zombie and walking like the dead. He decides to freak out the pair by shambling in on them, all zombie-like, but when he does, our trigger-happy hero shoots him dead.

I mention this simply because on Wednesday October 24, you might see a bunch of people shambling around dressed like zombies. Do not, I repeat, do not shoot them, run them over with a car, or attempt to send them back to the grave by any means. They’re just costumes. Although wouldn’t it be ironic if the real zombie apocalypse happened at the same time…never mind.

The event is a fundraiser for the foodbank, and all participants are asked to bring a non-perishable food item for the food bank (no brains, please!).

The event starts at 6:30 at the Community Centre on October 24. After the walk, there will be free hot chocolate, “served at the Zombie Café by real zombies,” says event organizer Erin Hanna. “Brains and mini-marshmallows not included.” Hanna says the event is happening in the evening so that anyone working during the day can attend. “Also, kids are in school. Plus, the library is having an event until five o’clock that same day and them people would be frustrated that we’re doing the zombie walk during supper hour.”

Hanna says this is a lead-up to the theme they’re doing for the Community Haunted House. “This takes place a few nights ahead,” she says, “But it is trending in some bigger cities and it sounds like lots of fun.”