March 26, 2023

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09 BOURITA International Agreements are here


The Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Abroad, Mr. Nasser Purida presented to foreigners, national security, Islamic affairs and Moroccans living abroad.

During his presentation, Mr. These agreements, which were issued within the framework of the constitutional procedure for approval by Purida, include the implementation of the High Government Guidelines on the Expansion of Morocco and the Framework for the Fulfillment of Its International Duties. Diversification of the Partnership Network and its fields of cooperation with fraternal and allied countries and regional and international organizations.

According to the minister, these are two bilateral agreements with the Republics of Chad and Serbia, five regional agreements, three of which have been adopted within the framework of Africa and the other two Arab countries within the framework of the League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. As well as two agreements related to multilateral action.

The first agreement, on the framework agreement on cooperation in the energy and mining sectors between the governments of the Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of Chad, was signed in Rabat on October 26, 2020, as part of the strengthening and enrichment of bilateral relations. The framework of bilateral cooperation aims to contribute to the social and economic development of the two countries and to strengthen cooperation in the fields of electricity, renewable energy, energy efficiency, hydrocarbons and mining.

Collaborates on information exchange, knowledge, experience and expertise, improving relations between the two countries’ actors in related fields, exchanging ground visits and organizational training sessions for officers. Create a joint committee that oversees the terms of the agreement and the implementation of all activities carried out within this framework.

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The second agreement is about military cooperation between the governments of Morocco and Serbia, signed on May 5, 2021, following the willingness of both sides to strengthen their cooperation in this area, which falls within the dynamic framework of positive bilateral cooperation. Has strengthened politically and economically in recent years.

At the regional level, Mr. Purida reported on three agreements adopted within the African framework, the first being the African Youth Charter of July 2, 2006, which Morocco ratified on August 8, 2009. Following the Kingdom’s return to its African institutional family, its involvement in African endeavors aimed at improving the situation of young people on the continent, in line with the charters and treaties of the African Union, and Morocco’s initiatives and policies at the national level. And regional status for the benefit of African youth.

The decision of the Union Pnafricaine de la Junesse (UPJ) Executive Committee to transfer its seat to Morocco, signed on November 10, 2020, was signed by the Minister of Youth, Culture and Communications and the Secretary-General of the Union. On November 11, an agreement was reached to establish the seat of this organization in Rabat.

The Second Convention deals with the African Union Conference on the Protection of Cyber ​​Security and Personal Data on June 27, 2014, which establishes the freedom and principles of e-commerce under the law of the countries in which the perpetrators are located. The legal framework for the protection of personal data and the establishment of the National Security Commission for the enjoyment of administrative independence defines the practical and institutional framework for the protection of this data. It mandates the creation of a national cyber security strategy and organizations to combat cyber crime with the aim of strengthening cyber security and combating cyber crime.

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Third Agreement, March 23. On the Abidjan Agreement on Cooperation in the Protection, Management and Development of the Atlantic Coast Maritime and Coastal Environment of the West, Central and South Africa adopted in 1981 and its Additional Protocols. Cooperate to prevent pollution by ships, dumping of waste by ships or aircraft, and exploitation of continental shelf and seas. Within the framework of the League of Arab States, the Minister focused on the Arab Agreement of August 24, 2017 on the liberalization of trade in services, which aims to establish a free trade area in inter-Arab services. Progressive liberalization of trade in services and creating an environment that facilitates this transaction between them.

The agreement on the status of the Islamic Organization for Food Security, signed by Morocco on February 25, 2021, was also signed by Mr. Purida reviewed, under which the organization evaluates and monitors the food security status of member countries, mobilizes and manages financial and agricultural resources. For the development of agriculture, it coordinates, develops and implements policies of joint agricultural activities such as strengthening food security between member countries and the exchange of appropriate technologies.

At the multilateral level, during the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly, the Minister presented the United Nations Conference on International Settlement Agreements (Singapore Conference) adopted on December 20, 2018 in New York. The text provides for the creation of a coherent legal framework in settlement agreements that is acceptable to all countries and facilitates international trade by establishing arbitration as an alternative to litigation in resolving international trade disputes.

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Mr. Purida also reviewed the 1988 protocol for the 1966 International Convention on Load Taxes, which Morocco agreed to in the context of compliance of national law with the rules of the International Maritime Organization.