May 29, 2023

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12 soldiers and “dozens of terrorists” were killed – Barlamane


At least 12 Nigerian soldiers and “Dozens of terrorists“They were killed in a fierce battle in western Niger on Saturday.Three boundaries, The Nigerian Ministry of Defense announced on Sunday.

The “Conflicts“Held”Five kilometers away“From the city of Fondio, between Nigerian soldiers and”Hundreds of armed terrorists: 12 elements fell on the field of honor, eight wounded. On the enemy side, dozens of terrorists neutralized (killed)“, According to a press release.”Many motorcycles“Attackers”Destroyed“And”Communication is restored, He insists. First, the Nigerian soldiers “Strictly defended and caused the deaths of dozens of enemies2, the Ministry explains.

But “Reinforcements came“Cities”De Vansorbe and de Terra“, As well as”Air support (…) helped to repel the enemy who left dozens dead and equipment», He mentions. Fondio is a rural community in the Terra sect in the Tillaperi area that is frequently attacked by al-Qaeda or jihadi groups affiliated with the Islamic State.

In May, five villagers were killed in Fondio.By a mob of terrorists who came on a motorcycle», At a time when the country is celebrating Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the Muslim Ramadan. Two people were injured in the attack and the church was set on fire. In late June, two civilians, a school principal and a retired police inspector were killed and their livestock taken away.

In addition to the attacks of Sahelian jihadist groups, including the Islamic State (EIGS) in its western part, Niger has to face Boko Haram in its southeast and the Islamic State (ISWAB) in West Africa. Area, near Nigeria.

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