June 6, 2023

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2022 L’Oréal-Unesco Young Talent Prize in Sub-Saharan Africa rewards 20 outstanding female researchers

Every year, the L’Oréal-UNESCO Sub-Saharan Africa Young Talent Prize For women and science Rewards African women researchers for their outstanding scientific work.
For the 13th edition, 15 doctoral students and 5 postgraduates were rewarded and honored during an award ceremony on 1 December in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.

In recent years, the world in general, and Africa in particular, has not been immune to successive crises. The multi-fold effect of repeated droughts, the effects of the Covid-19 crisis and, more recently, rising inflation in the prices of grains and raw materials: instability threatens more and more countries on the continent. To meet these many challenges, the world needs science. And science needs women.

20 young talents selected from 425 applications were awarded for their outstanding research in Abidjan on 1 December 2022 led by Prof. Akre Ambali (Director of Technical Cooperation and Project Funding at AUDA-NEPAD African Union Development Agency). . The pride of the 16 countries they came from, in particular Niger, Togo and Chad were represented for the first time this year.

During the ceremony, they were honored in the presence of visitors from all over Africa including themselves Monsieur Dimitri Sanga, Director of the UNESCO Multidisciplinary Regional Office for West Africa, representatives of the scientific world and public officials, but also intellectuals and opinion leaders. Political figures of Côte d’Ivoire include: Kandia Kamizoko KamaraForeign Minister, Marietou KoneMinister of National Education, Mize Belmonte TogoThe Unity Minister, or even the Vice President’s wife, Maimuna Kone were present.

The 20 awardees also got an opportunity to interact with many dignitaries Patrick AchyPrime Minister of Ivory Coast, Dominic OtaraFirst Lady of Ivory Coast,Francois remarksMinister of Culture or even Naseneba TourMinister for Women.

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“Women scientists are examples of courage, resilience, perseverance, intelligence, strength; I have a terrible feeling that as a society we have missed them. The L’Oréal-UNESCO Women in Science Sub-Saharan Africa Young Talent Prize is a reward for sacrifices and an opportunity for the world to discover women of exceptional talent. This is what came to mind Alexandra BaldCEO of L’Oréal Foundation at the 13th edition of the L’Oréal-Unesco Sub-Saharan Africa Prize for Young Talent For women and science.

These 20 scientists are the 2022 L’Oréal-UNESCO Sub-Saharan Africa Young Talent Prize For women and science We are committed to investing in many areas of research Improving the living conditions of millions of people in Africa and around the world Protecting and increasing agricultural harvests to fight poverty and hunger, eradicating diseases like malaria, better managing and protecting natural and vital resources, strengthening people’s defenses against the risk of natural disasters or developing ‘biopolymers for industry’. Through their dedication and scientific excellence, these young women a A decisive asset for the development of the continent.

So these female scientists had to combine perseverance and determination To achieve their goals and impose themselves in areas still reserved for men. At a time when it is not so necessary to mobilize all scientific talent, global research today still pays very little attention to women and Africa. In fact, the share of African scientists among global researchers is only 2.5%.

The Young Talents Sub-Saharan Africa Prize 2022 L’Oréal-UNESCO It therefore aims to carry and support the commitment of these women, who struggle every day to bring concrete solutions to the continent, while creating a model of impeccable resilience.

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The 20 Young Talents join the community of 181 researchers supported and honored by the 2022 Young Talents Sub-Saharan Africa Prize. For women and science Since its creation in 2010. Launched in 2000, National and Regional Young Talents Programmes For women and science of L’Oréal Foundation in collaboration with UNESCO, Making it possible to award nearly 250 prizes every year in more than 110 countries.

2022 Sub-Saharan Africa Young Talent Prize Winners
For women and science

South Africa

PP Nausheen Jaffer, PhD Student in Engineering and Technical Sciences – “Production of Biopolymers from Plant Fibers » – Island of Mauritius

Ako Magamure, PhD student in Life and Environmental Sciences – “Whole Genome Sequencing to Detect Tuberculosis Drug Resistance in Zimbabwe » – Zimbabwe

Brenda Namumba, Postdoctoral Student in Materials Science – “Using SKA’s Pioneer Telescopes to Unlock Mysteries of the Universe » – Zambia

Lovasoa Rina RAHARINAIVO, PhD student in Life and Environmental Sciences – “Plastic pollution and its alternatives in Madagascar » – Madagascar

Bibi Yusra Ruhomally, PhD in Methodology – “Modeling the Dynamics of Drug Consumption Using the NERA Model » – Island of Mauritius

Central Africa

Assia Aboubakar MAHAMAT, Post Graduate Student in Engineering Science and Technology – “Development of Eco-Construction Materials in Sub-Saharan Africa » – Chat

Nora NGANYEWO, Ph.D Life and Environmental Sciences – “Genetics and invasion of Plasmodium falciparum in The Gambia » – Cameron

East Africa

Juliet Krui, PhD en Systematic science – “ Water Quality Classification Using Ensemble Learning and Internet of Things » – Kenya

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Geraldine MW LENGAI, Post-PhD Life and Environmental Sciences – “Development of a botanical fungicide for the management of tomato and potato pests » – Kenya

Ruth Mwangi, Ph.D Life and Environmental Sciences – “Biopesticides against postharvest decay of tomato » – Kenya

Ange Cynthia UMUHIRE, PhD en The science of matter – “Forecasting and Predicting Space Weather in Rwanda » – Rwanda

Bezalem Eshetu YIRDAW, Ph.D Systematic science – “Modeling Infant Mortality Using Multi-Level Bayesian Networks » – Ethiopia

West Africa

Iveren ABIEM, post-doctoral and Life and Environmental Sciences – “Carbon sequestration in an Afromontane forest » – Nigeria

Winifred Ayinpogbilla ATIAH, Post Graduate Student Life and Environmental Sciences – “Seasonal Flood Forecasting in Ghana » – Ghana

Farida BOUBE DOBI, Ph.D Life and Environmental Sciences – “Groundwater Management in Niger » – Niger

Awa Bousso DRAMÉ, PhD student Life and Environmental Sciences – “Geoscience and Artificial Intelligence for Coastal Monitoring in West Africa » – Senegal

Olivia Kouvladis Fadei, Ph.DEngineering Science and Technology – “Edible Mushroom Value Chain and Financial Empowerment of Rural Women in Benin » – benign

Adjada Kamara, Ph.D Life and Environmental Sciences – “Development of biopesticides against post-harvest rot disease » – Ivory Coast

Oluwatosin OGUNDOLIE (née AKINWALE), PhD en Systematic science – “Nigeria Flood Forecast » – Nigeria

Maulolo YOMO, Ph.D Life and Environmental Sciences – “Dynamics of seawater intrusion in a coastal alluvial basin of Togo » – to go

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