March 25, 2023

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262 candidates arrested for illegal immigration in Laâyoune

During a series of operations by security services against human trafficking networks, 262 candidates and several kidnappers were arrested last week for illegal immigration in the province of Laun.

Thus, 29 candidates and two organizers were arrested on October 19 for illegal immigration and large sums of money were seized.

Three days later, 57 people who wanted to travel to the Canary Islands found internal tubes and GPS used as life mats.

On October 24, security forces arrested 132 people in Laayoune who were looking for the right moment to cross the Spanish coast.

Another attempt at illegal immigration at the Foum El Oued commune level was abandoned and 44 candidates were arrested with the seizure of a pneumatic boat and two motocodils.

Elements of the prefectural service of the Judicial Police in Laâyoune, along with their colleagues in Guelmim, were arrested on Thursday ahead of the arrest of three people, including one believed to be an active key organizer in the organization crossing the Canary Islands. , 3 boats and two motocodils and a large amount of cash were seized.

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