March 30, 2023

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4th wave in Algeria

Institute Pastor de Algeri (IPA) announced on Sunday that the fourth wave of Covit-19 had begun to settle in the country for a few weeks.

“The 4th wave of Kovit-19 has settled in Algeria,” said Fawzi Terror, director of the Algerian Pastor Institute (IPA).

At the end of October, Terror explained to the press that “the curve of the epidemic wave was not rapid, but began to rise in proportion to previous waves.”

In a directive sent to health directors and hospital heads last Wednesday, the director of the company further stressed that “the current epidemic situation in Algeria should encourage us to remain vigilant, even if it allows us to return to normal life.”

In this sense, he called for strengthening the vaccination campaign to prevent serious cases and deaths if the 4th wave of the disease appears.

This new wave is coming as the anti-Govt vaccine is being fought in Algeria. About 11 million Algerians have been fully or partially vaccinated, or 50% of the 20 million adults targeted by the vaccine. The rate at which experts are less qualified.

After falling below the bar of 70 cases a day at the beginning of last October, the pollution curve in the country has been steadily rising for a few days.

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