Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday (Dec 20) said Africa’s largest economy had raised $547 million by auctioning its 5G spectrum, attributing the achievement to the growth of the digital economy.

Buhari recalled at the inauguration of the National Service Centre, a one-stop shop for ministries, departments and agencies to engage with the country’s local citizens that the digital economy has grown tremendously, generating income for Nigeria and creating jobs for Nigerians. Capital, Abuja.

“These initiatives are part of our administration’s efforts to make the digital economy a key enabler of diversification of our economy and a catalyst for transformation in every sector,” he announced. Thanks to his administration’s efforts to improve digital infrastructure, the number of 4G base stations has increased from 13,823 in August 2019 to 36,751 today, while nationwide 4G coverage has increased by 23% to 77, 52% during the same period. Nigerian. He said his administration is closely monitoring the implementation of 5G services, which are still in the testing phase.