May 30, 2023

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69th Anniversary of King and People’s Revolution. Here is the full speech by HM King Mohammed VI

H.M. King Mohammed VI addressed the nation this Saturday evening, August 20, in his 69th anniversary address.Th Anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People. Here is the full text of King’s speech:

“Praise, prayers and blessings of God be upon the Prophet, his family and his companions.

dear people,

Today we are commemorating the anniversary of the glorious revolution of King and People which marked a decisive turning point in the freedom struggle.

This epic represents a sincere affection and deep attachment to a king who was willing to go into exile for any threat aimed at the unity and sovereignty of the motherland and dignity.

It is because of this spirit of sacrifice and unity that the territorial integrity of our country was thus completed and the recovery of the southern provinces of the Kingdom took place.

dear people,

In recent years, we have made great strides at the regional and international levels, all of which favor the just and legitimate position of the Kingdom in sub-Saharan Morocco.

Many influential countries, respecting Morocco’s full sovereignty over its territories, have shown their welcome and support for the autonomy initiative, which is considered the only way to resolve this artificial territorial conflict.

Despite the change of administration or the evolution of the situation, from the standpoint of the United States, this favorable reception is now inevitable.

We salute the clear and responsible stance of neighboring Spain, which is well aware of the origins and true nature of this conflict.

This constructive posture marked a new phase in the Hispano-Moroccan partnership, which no regional contingencies and no internal political developments could now affect.

In addition, the constructive stance regarding the autonomous initiative shown by some European countries such as Germany, Holland, Portugal, Serbia, Hungary, Cyprus and Romania will help create a new milestone in trust relations with these friendly countries. Strengthen quality partnerships that connect them to our country.

At the same time as this support, about thirty countries have opened embassies in the southern provinces, thereby indicating the Kingdom’s territorial integrity and clear and unequivocal support for Morocco in the Sahara.

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We take this opportunity to reiterate our expression of goodwill to the Kings, Emirs and Presidents of brotherly Arab countries such as Jordan, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Djibouti and Comoros who have opened embassies in Layoun and Dakla. .

We also thank other Arab countries, especially the Gulf Cooperation Council, Egypt and Yemen, who have continued to affirm their support for Morocco in the Sahara.

Also, the positions of our brothers in Africa are a real pride for us, because about 40% of African countries, belonging to the five regional groups, have opened embassies in Laâyoune and Dakhla.

This dynamic also concerns Latin American and Caribbean countries, many of which have opened embassies in the Moroccan Sahara, while others have decided to expand their field of diplomatic competence to the Kingdom’s southern provinces.

Considering these positive developments involving countries from all continents, I want to send a clear message to everyone: the Sahara issue is the prism through which Morocco views its international context. It is a measure of the sincerity of the friendships he establishes and the effectiveness of the partnerships he establishes, plain and simple.

As for some traditional or new countries among our partners who have ambiguous positions on the Sahara issue, we expect them to clarify and reconsider the substance of their positions.

dear people,

A unified internal front and a fully mobilized Moroccan people to thwart enemy maneuvers, wherever they may be: this is the foundation upon which any strategy for the defense of Morocco in the Sahara must rest.

I take this opportunity to salute and reassure the members of the Moroccan community living abroad, who selflessly defend the territorial integrity of their country, echo the national cause in all the forums they have access to, and support the positions they hold. .

Morocco, praise God, has a community estimated at about five million people, including hundreds of thousands of Moroccan Jews abroad, all scattered around the world.

In this area, the Moroccan people of the world represent an exceptional phenomenon, considering the strength of the link that inextricably links them to their homeland, their attachment to its sacred symbols and their steadfast commitment to protecting its highest interests. problems and difficulties they face.

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Beyond the prerogative of first-generation immigrants, human ties firmly tied to Morocco and pride in it create a tradition passed down from father to son. The third and fourth generations are already eager to claim it as their own.

That is, we must constantly ask ourselves the following questions: What have we done to strengthen the sense of patriotism in our diaspora? Do legislative frameworks and public policies take their particularities into account? Are management practices in line with their current expectations? Have we given them the religious and educational support they need?

Have we provided them with the necessary support and favorable conditions for the success of their investment projects?

The government is making considerable efforts to extend a warm welcome to Moroccans around the world, but this system is not enough.

In fact, many of them, alas, come up against many more hurdles to settle their administrative affairs or start their projects. So this situation needs to be rectified.

As for the involvement of the MRE community in the development process – a goal we attach particular interest to – it is clear that Morocco needs all its children and skills established abroad.

These skills can immigrate and work in Morocco because they can contribute through all kinds of partnerships from their host countries.

In fact, the Moroccan community abroad is known for its world-class profiles in various fields: science, economy, politics, culture, sports and others. These resources are a source of pride for Morocco and all Moroccans.

Therefore, the time has come to provide this society with the necessary structure and means and conditions to be able to deliver the best of itself, in the well-understood interest of its country and its development.

Furthermore, we emphasize the need to establish a structural relationship with Moroccan capacities abroad, including Jewish Moroccans.

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We also call for the creation of a dedicated mechanism to support Moroccan skills and talents abroad, supporting their initiatives and projects.

This system will eventually make it possible to get to know the profiles better, communicate with them regularly, and provide them with assets available to their country in sectors linked to the development and investment process.

In this regard, we reiterate that Moroccan youth and project leaders living abroad take advantage of the many investment opportunities offered by the motherland and take advantage of the incentives and guarantees provided in the new investment charter.

Also, public institutions, national finance and the commercial sector should be more open to investors among members of society.

To this end, it is appropriate to put in place effective mechanisms of sponsorship, support and partnership to support them, keeping in mind the best interests of all.

Finally, based on the constantly renewed aspirations of the Moroccan people around the world, it is high time to modernize and improve the institutional structure regarding this category of citizens that we value.

It is important to rethink the governance model of existing institutions and improve their efficiency and complementarity.

dear people,

The Immortal Revolution of August 20 embodies the values ​​of sacrifice, unity and loyalty in the service of the Father. The spirit of this legendary epic continues to guide our steps and inspire the succeeding generations to preserve the national unity and territorial integrity of our country, its security and its stability.

This is a great pledge of allegiance in honor of the pioneers of the resistance movement and the pioneers of the liberation struggle, in the vanguard of which our august grandfather, the late His Majesty King Muhammad V and his companion in struggle, our venerable father, passed away. May God bless His Highness King Hasan II and all the brave martyrs of the nation.

Wassalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakattouh”