May 30, 2023

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A caged lion mauled a six-year-old child to death


The lion bit the boy who had sneaked into the cage after seeing a hole in the fence.

A tragedy struck the tourist complex of Asda in Khan Younis. A six-year-old child died after being bitten the lion In a cage, south of the bar GazaAuthorities in the tiny Palestinian territory announced on Monday.

The boy climbed over a safety barrier and then entered the cat’s cage, which attacked him, according to police who announced they were launching an investigation. According to the witness, the lion bit the child on the head after finding a hole in the fence and slipping into the cage. The child died after being admitted to the hospital.

The city that hosted the “worst zoo in the world”.

Asda Tourist Complex has two cats – a lioness and a lioness – and several birds. It was closed Monday by authorities after the tragedy.

The city of Khan Younis has been labeled the “worst zoo in the world” by animal rights NGO Four Paws. Opened in 2007, the zoo closed in 2016 after its owners struggled for food and starved many of the animals.

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