March 26, 2023

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a commission to inquire about the accident of the train accident

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The official train of the accident accident at Katanga failed to kill 75 mortals, 125 bless 28 don’ts trauma. These autos have a place in a commission where you can find certain wagons nontont passjs relevs. It’s possible that the corps of passers-by will find you tonnage files. The company’s ferrovier affirm that these passers-by are clandestine.

The not corresponding à Kinshasa,

These inquiries are directed by Marc Manyanga Ndambo, the director of the infrastructures of the Societal nation at the Fer du Congo (SNCC) on the subject of auditions.

Dabord uproots des passengers to comment on their montage ord board the train marchandises. But for the commission on responsiveness, a diagnostic technique is as follows: Here is a list of interrogatoires and one of the most sought after techniques for collecting passwords on your drive, even on this coupon traction. On va soumettre locomotive elle-mime à a expertise approfondie to essayer compare qu quo s’est passé .

Marc Manyanga Ndambo: «La commission d’enquite est là pour compare qu quil s’est passé

These conclusions preliminaires seront communications aux autonomous avant weekend. Lccident pourroit ne pas utre lié vitusté de la voie ferrée salon cet expert et haut cadre de la societé ferroviaire, mime si pris de la moitié du résau emprunté est en très maavis état. ⁇ Quand yours first chemin de fer, in the infrastructures of 1906, 1933, but in this quand mime a part of a new renewal. You are about 3 641 Kilometers away, about 1,500 km away from Sont Pass en bonatatexplique Marc Manyanga Ndambo. It’s the fastest renewer, with the latest premium of 1,5 milliards and the fastest renewer at 1,500 kilometers. .

The company is on file. For survival, elle a dû se séparer your ties de ses employer distant la diernienni. Daprose is a responsive, compact company, which justifies the presence of trains in marchandise souvenir empowered by popuaries who come across milieux urbines or across zones minires.

This is the most dangerous accident on the SRCC. I’m waiting for the latest FEE FREE Empowerment of all human beings on the SNCC’s Pense Pass as a renewal novel.

Color de la population à Lubumbashi après l’accident de train

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