March 30, 2023

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A false war was launched against “Christianity”.

Algeria continues its authoritarian and liberal turn by attacking Christian-affiliated charities and associations. Within days, Caritas Algeria, a humanitarian service operated by the Catholic Church, was closed, and now the association is under threat of dissolution. A war against “Christianity” was launched in Algeria.

In early October, the Catholic Church in Algeria announced the activities of Caritas, its charitable work for the benefit of the poor and its work to promote culture.

The “complete and definitive” closure was announced in a press release signed by Algiers Archbishop and President Paul Desparges.

The decision to end the activities of Caritas Algeria was made by the Algerian authorities, according to the Fitz Agency, the Vatican’s information arm of the Pontifical Mission Societies, indicating that Caritas was subject to control measures, according to local sources. “Because it was considered a foreign non-governmental organization”.

All communications received from the Home Office contained general references to the Catholic Church “covering up” an unrecognized organization engaged in “illegal” activities, with no specific reference to the sections of law allegedly breached. , the company said.

“The Algerian authorities have so far not taken into account all the objective reasons that confirm the integrity of Caritas as a charitable organization of the Catholic Church, which substantially and “legally” distinguishes it from non-governmental organizations, including those engaged in the fields of humanitarian aid and relief,” said the statement announcing the forced closure of Caritas.

Another association is threatened with dissolution under the pretext of spreading Christianity in Algeria (like others that have borne the brunt of Abdelmadjid Debon’s black policy since Hirak).

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L’association “Azday Adelsan N’Weqas” Aokas, based in Bejaia, issued a press release publicizing the accusations of Algerian public officials.

“On September 26, 2022, a bailiff went to the Rahmani Slimane Cultural Center in Aghas to serve a notice of filing a complaint against Astai, and at the same time inform him of his trial date,” the document states.

Accused of “hiding behind the Society for the Propagation of Christianity” by distributing CDs, printed materials and leaflets in the communes of Agas and Tsi Nberpe, the association formally denies these allegations, calling them “contradictory” and “unjustified”.

“The members of the Azday Adelsan N’Weqas Association, true to their commitment to the service of culture, are innocent of this newly fabricated accusation and it is not based on any evidence,” the press release said.

In its defense, the Aste Association informed that its lawyers will plead before the judge, since the association was created, the latter “in the minds of its members and society in general it wants to go to the past, research. And Tamazight, drama, choir, singing, drawing and teaching painting. ยป

So it was purely religious and ideological reasons that prompted the Algerian authorities to launch this war against Christianity, targeting charities in the first place.

Algeria’s “new” authoritarian turn under President Debon seems to know no bounds, now attacking freedom of religion and going so far as to fabricate false cases and accusations to serve his agenda.