June 6, 2023

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A leg fracture that is not treated properly carries the risk of amputation

A 15-year-old boy in Reims-Bezannes Polyclinic’s emergency department is at risk of amputation after his leg fracture was badly treated. Her mother is shocked.

With a double fracture in his left leg, Riad was admitted to the Reims-Bezance Polyclinic, but came out with a simple temporary cast and painkillers. His mother Nadia says BFM TV The doctors asked her boy to fast in preparation for the operation the next day. “Except the next morning, no call, nothing! […] I call them back and they tell me there is no one by that name and no ban is planned,” the teenager’s mother continues.

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Worried, he takes his son, whose condition is deteriorating, to Reims University Hospital, where, “the doctors are taking note of the seriousness of the situation”. “They open the plaster and see a skin for three days: blisters, pus, blood,” says the boy’s mother. “Riot’s fracture suffered under the cast” and now “he is at risk of amputation” (the young man is “currently in stable condition”), doctors tell him. Nadia is shocked and screams without understanding. For now, she is waiting for answers from the polyclinic.

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