May 30, 2023

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A mother kills her son and cooks him to eat

It was a heinous crime that shook the whole of Egypt for days. A 30-year-old mother killed her son, dismembered his body, cooked it and hid the remains in her house.

Upon learning of the incident, the prosecution quickly went to the scene and examined the crime scene and easily linked the evidence found to the suspect, who lives in the city of Faqus in Ash Governorate, Sharqia in northeast Egypt, local media reported.

While on remand, the respondent during the first trial alleged that he had killed his five-year-old child, mutilated his body and cooked parts of it, especially his head, before the truth was ascertained. stopped.

Very agitated, and obviously very upset, she explained “She was worried about her child and wanted to keep him with her. So she decided to slit its throat, cut it and cook it and bring it to her stomach”.

The mother, who was ordered by the prosecution to seek psychological expertise, has been charged with “brutally murdering her own son and cannibalizing him by cutting him up, cooking him and eating him”.

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