May 29, 2023

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Access rights restriction at Ridouan Taghi prison

The police and the judge suspect that he continues to run his criminal network from prison, which is why his contact with the outside world is restricted. The director of Vught prison (ebi), the maximum security prison in the Netherlands, has reduced the number of visitors. He is now allowed one visitor at a time and a total of three visitors per hour. Previously, he could receive three visitors at a time.

Ritowan’s cousin Yusuf Taghi was sentenced earlier in the year to 5 and a half years in prison for acting as the latter’s intermediary with the outside world. Ritovan’s former lawyer, Ines Vesci, is suspected of playing the same role. Ridouan Taghi appealed against this measure of restrictions on his visitors to the Use of Sentences and Protection of Youth (RSJ).

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The request was rejected by the agency based on a GRIP report that suspected the codes were used in exchanges between Taghi and his family members during visits. The latter spoke in low voices or very loudly, and conversations were sometimes garbled or in other languages, the report said. The complainant’s allegations were rejected when he asked to hear the recordings of these exchanges.

As a reminder, Ridouan Taghi is considered the leader of the Mocro Maffia, Moroccan Mafia, active in the Netherlands and suspected of involvement in several assassinations in the country, including the lawyer Derk Wiersum in 2019. Taghi and 16 other suspects are in the dock in the Marengo trial, which has been open since 2020. They are accused of serial murders and attempted murders.

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