May 30, 2023

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According to US services, Dash has rebuilt itself: to further destabilize Syria …

In the central Syrian desert, known as Padia, the war broke out more than 60,000 square kilometers from the city of Holmes, in the center of the country, to the Iraqi border, to the east, to Jordan, in the south.
According to observers, despite dozens of attacks and search operations, the Syrian army and its allies have not yet established full control of the desert. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has been reporting about 100 Russian airstrikes since the beginning of December. About 600 attacks by helicopters and warplanes in November. Despite this continued military effort, Dash’s harassing capabilities have not been destroyed, and the Takfrist organization is still able to launch simultaneous attacks several tens of kilometers away. In other words, the command and control system of the company is functional and efficient.
Islamic State guerrillas have been operating in areas controlled by Kurdish forces, with US support, east of the Euphrates. In this region, IS operations will mainly take the form of motors and rockets fire against Kurdish forces patrolling bombs or oil wells. On December 2, ten workers were killed in an oil field in eastern Syria.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has been recording thirty alleged attacks on Daesh since the beginning of this month in Kurdish-controlled areas where the SU army is still stationing several hundred soldiers.
U.S. intelligence estimates that the Islamic State group has rebuilt its 10,000-strong military force in Iraq and Syria. Syrian sources promise that the militant group will be able to mobilize in large numbers only in Syria. This reservoir of warriors was made up of survivors from the former forts of the self-proclaimed caliphate, but also by new fighters recruited from the Bedouin tribe and ex-prisoners from prison camps set up in Kurdish-controlled areas. According to analysts, Dash is expected to eliminate its regional caliphate. The guerrillas had stockpiled weapons, ammunition and food in the desert in anticipation of war.