March 30, 2023

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Africa must stop producing allies

By Jean-Claude DJEREKE.

Macron did not like Colonel Azimi Qaeda’s three messages: 1) Mali, not the Malian leader welcoming the French president at the airport, but in an interview with the Russian press on October 8, 2021, Sputnik pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda. Paris accused Gidal of providing the enclave and contributing to the country’s instability.

On Monday, December 20, 2021, Emmanuel Macron canceled his scheduled trip to Mali. According to the Elysee press release, the reason for this cancellation is: “The health situation in France is worse than we thought”. The unbelievable explanation is that it is a fact that France can never say that Macron does not like Colonel Azimi Koita’s three messages:

1) The French President will not be greeted at the airport by the President of Mali, but Prime Minister Soukowel Gokalla Micah, in an interview with the Russian newspaper Sputnik on October 8, 2021, blamed Paris. Provided Gidal Enclave to the terrorist movement that pledged allegiance to al-Qaeda and contributed to the instability of the country;

2) Goïta will meet with Macron, along with ECOWAS ‘allies;

3) Both the Russian Security Council Wagner and the period of change will not be at the center of the debate. Why? This is because, as far as Assamese are concerned, the first lesson is not only that national sovereignty and security come under secrecy, but that the Malian people alone have the power to decide the question of the duration of the change at the end of the current national meetings.

Here is an African president who remembers that Orly or Rosie was a minister who was often sent to Charles de Gaulle when African heads of state visited, and even a vague official of the Kwai d’Orsay. Here’s a leader who finally does what others should have done long ago: she runs France at home. Here is a man who tells both Africans and French alike that things must change in relations between France and its former colonies. Here is a man who is not part of the Minions Club. Unfortunately we have many allies among the so-called African intellectuals, political and religious elites. “When the little ones stop crawling the big ones stop dominating”, The German poet and writer Friedrich von Schiller (1759-1805) was right. Stoog wants to come to the fore, and he hates any discussion that questions the rich and the “powerful”. He is obliged to look to the right and left before deciding on Macron’s policy in Africa. His word is that of a man who trembles when he receives something. Since he does not support the idea that he may be denied a French visa, he will seek to justify everything France does in and around Africa. He prefers to be with starving kings than to be with people who suffer and die in silence. He rarely feels it “Freedom is not real when truth is not free” (Jacques Prévert). It is enough for him to swear by loud but empty titles like “Doctor, Professor, Master, Monsignor, Reverend or Honorable”. It didn’t matter to him “If the intellectual does not live fully for the good of his people, if he is not a part of this people, a part is burning but a part without privilege, without special respect is nothing.” (Jean-Marie Adiafi, The Identity Card, Paris, Hadier, 1980).

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Africa must stop producing quick-flying allies to help a country that loses land and influence every day due to its bad policies, and Africans must quickly take full responsibility for their failures and obstacles. The emergence of many Assimi goida and socuel mica is necessary and urgent, meaning that men and women capable of providing privilege and protection for the interests of the African people are incapable of lowering their heads or eyes and cannot be ignored. The ridiculous warnings of those who in six decades have brought us nothing but misery, desolation and untimely death. Despite their agents being Bob Denard and Paul Barr, those who provide eternal lessons accuse Russia of contacting criminals and bloodthirsty people in C டிte d’Ivoire and the Central African Republic when they went there. How can they, who are responsible for 5 centuries of slavery and colonialism, teach virtue, which, according to Caesar, is the objectification of barbarism, exploitation and blackness? Do they think that the current African youth will accept from them what they did not accept from Adolf Hitler? These young people know that the Russians and Chinese did not carry out any insurgency in Africa to destabilize a country for their own interests or to overthrow an African president whom they did not like. She does not know who are accustomed to these inhumane and anti-democratic practices and who are always supporters of dictators who plunder our resources and allow us to get rich from our backs.

I wholeheartedly salute Colonel Coyote for his courage and dignity. His refusal to go to Modibo Qaeda International Airport to welcome Macron and his refusal to discuss with him issues of concern only to Malians is reminiscent of a speech delivered on January 20, 1961 by the first President of Mali to accredited ambassadors in Bamako. Here is an excerpt:

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“At this time, I would like to inform you about the decision of my party and my government to see the French embassy in the Republic of Mali, France evacuate military bases in the name of Bamako, Cady, Cao and in-apprenticeship Bob Tenard and Paul. , Signed between him and the Malian Confederation in Paris in 1960 and broke up after the events of 19 August 20-20 1960 and the act of French recognition.The Senegalese government sanctifies the dissolution of the Mali Confederation and the Malian Republic has agreed to co-operate with France on the basis of non-interference in our internal affairs and respect for our sovereignty. The decision of my party and my government does not in any way call into question this option. It is an expression of our hope that the troops of the colonial power will not be stationed in the territory of the former colony with the troops. Of the young state. On the other hand, the people of Mali, the Sudanese Union RDA and the government of my country have always affirmed their will in favor of one or the other non-aligned policy. This attitude, at its border, contradicts the existence of the troops of a foreign power and there is no agreement on that. Rapid withdrawal of troops stationed in the Republic of Mali.

It was not until July 23, 1995 that such a promise of dignity was seen. That day, the newly elected Jack Chirac arrived in Dakar after staying in Rabat, Yamoshokro and Libreville. He wanted the presidents of neighboring countries to join him in the Senegalese capital. Mauritanian Maya Old Daya and Guinea only Lansana Conte Will travel. Alpha Omar Conare stays in Bamako and expresses his disagreement with the “master” summoning his students. Did lightning strike him? No! Did Chirac understand that not all Africans are followers of Beni-Oi-Oi or Appalachianism? I’m not sure, because if the bad habits had disappeared, the French political class would not have continued to express arrogance and contempt.

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