May 29, 2023

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Agribusiness: Claudia Senghor, “Agribusiness” Woman 3.0

photo credit, Courtesy of Claudia Senghor

image caption,

Claudia Senghor, Founder of Agrobabe

  • author, Oumou Kalsoum Ba – The best of Oumou Kalsoum Ba
  • stock, BBC journalist

In the collective consciousness, certain professions are traditionally male and therefore “off-limits” to women. Only the young Claudia Senghor from Senegal managed to break this barrier. It has entered agriculture and is involved in almost the entire value chain.

For too long, certain professions have been described as “masculine”. Then the female gender is excluded.

However, in recent years, the situation has reversed.

Sectors like construction, oil and gas industry, mechanics or aviation welcome more women.

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