March 25, 2023

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Algeria accuses FAR of killing three Algerian truckers

Last Monday, A medium A man close to Polisario argued that a Royal Armed Forces drone had fired at a convoy of three Algerian trucks bound for Mauritania. The results of the “strike” would have killed three people, the same source added. After two days of silence, Algerian authorities finally credited this version.

This Wednesday, the Algerian president said in a statement that “three Algerian citizens were cowardly killed in a barbaric bombing of their trucks while they were forming the Nouakchott-Ouargla Link, in the normal course of trade between the people of the region”.

“Algerian authorities immediately took the necessary steps for an investigation to clarify the circumstances surrounding this heinous act,” the same source said. “Several factors point to the fact that the Moroccan occupation forces in the Western Sahara carried out this cowardly massacre with sophisticated weapons.

The Algerian presidency concluded its press release by threatening that “murder will not go unpunished.” Prior to the official departure, the Mauritanian military had denied any involvement in the attack. Algerian media reported that the scene of the tragedy was near Bir Lahlo, east of the sand wall.

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