May 29, 2023

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Algeria blames Morocco …

Ramdane Lamamra

Algeria has filed a new indictment against Morocco, this time in the Russian media, accusing it of using the state to “properly classify individuals and groups as terrorists” to destabilize its country and region.

Algeria does not blame Morocco, let alone above all. In an interview with the channel Russia is Arab todayThis Saturday, October 23, the Algerian Foreign Minister, Ramdn Lamamra, said that Morocco had “gone too far in its occupations and conspiracies against Algeria, especially by using individuals and groups properly classified as terrorists …”.

“Morocco is seeking a fourth generation war to undermine the stability of Algeria …”, Ramdn Lamamra continued, denouncing the cooperation between Morocco and Israel. Without alternative, the head of Algerian diplomacy sees the merger as a threat to Algeria’s stability. “Rabat is dangerous and unacceptable,” Algiers alleges.

The question of Western Sahara was addressed by the President of the Algerian Diploma. Ramdane Lamamra has actually condemned the actions taken by the Sheriff’s Kingdom, which, according to him, is a real and serious threat to the region. “The occupation of the Western Sahara by Morocco exposes the plight of the uninitiated,” the Algerian foreign minister said.

The large stones thrown at the Moroccan royal garden did not go in the direction of calming the already tense relations between Rabat and Algiers. In fact, since August 24, it has been climbing and permanently. On that day, Algiers had decided unilaterally Cut off diplomatic relations with Rabat. This follows the expulsion of Morocco’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Omar Hilale, Who gave his support to the “brave Kapili people”.

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Most angrily, Algeria created media outlets to blame Morocco, which accuses it of supporting terrorist organizations, particularly the Kapilia self-determination movement. Without delay, Algiers has banned Moroccan flights in its airspace : Civilians and soldiers. Even flights registered in Morocco are banned from flying over Algerian airspace. In operation, Algeria operates in dangerous naval maneuvers very close to Morocco.

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