March 22, 2023

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Algeria: Coast Guard fires live ammunition at hijackers

# Algeria : Algerian coast guards use their weapons to fire live ammunition on hijackers. Many of them are said to have been killed in recent weeks. This is confirmed by the video received by the French media Mediabart.

Despite the risks of shipwrecks and crossing the Mediterranean, more and more young Algerians are heading out to sea, especially towards the Spanish coast. It seems that the powerless Algerian authorities have chosen a strong way to stop the immigrants and especially the kidnappers in the wake of the Harraka event of the youth who no longer believe in their future in Algeria. So, after hardening the tone for the breadth of the secret migration of Algerian youth, the march to stop this event was no better than the Algerian Coast Guard using their weapons. Thus, according to several sources, in recent weeks they have shot down boats and killed several hijackers.

French media Mediapart Got a video confirming the authenticity of this information. This shows that on April 25, near the coast of Oran, the Algerian coast guard opened fire on a boat carrying hijackers returning to Algeria after dropping off illegal immigrants in Spain. Fearing arrest, he refused to surrender.

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In these pictures we also see the kidnapper trapped between two Coast Guard boats trying to escape without reaching himself and being shot at least four times. He will eventually be arrested after his boat collides with one of the boats.

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This incident does not appear to be an isolated incident. “For weeks, they have been shooting at us,” Mediabart reports, underscoring a smuggler going back and forth between the Algerian and Spanish coasts, “in the last two months, Coast Guards have killed three or four people between the shores., La Madrock, Cape Balkans and. On-Turk (Four Beaches in Oran). In the video, live, in the presence of people what we see, they shot them in the same way.

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The witness of a fisherman also confirms the story of the kidnapper. He explained, “The kidnappers have been shot dead for months. Just before sunset last Friday (April 29), three hijacking boats ran aground in Cape Lindles. Two naval warships and two black RIBs with special officers surrounded them, surrounded them to create big waves, and opened fire on them. At least one person was injured and several fishermen saw the facts.

According to the Algerian analyst quoted by Mediabart, he wanted to remain anonymous, saying “the measures taken by the authorities are only to dramatize a security policy in the face of increasing attempts to exit Oran. It’s just a platform to say no. Everything is played out in the logic of the aesthetics of the reception.

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It should be noted that Algiers is being planned by European countries for not doing enough to control the illegal immigration of its youth. It has experienced unprecedented levels in recent years, highlighting the social crisis in Algeria. In addition, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), more than 14,000 Algerian illegal immigrants will join Spain in 2021.

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