March 30, 2023

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Algeria: Educators condemn “dictatorial power as instrument of justice”

The National Coalition of Algerian Universities for Change (CNUAC) condemned the “use of justice as an instrument of repression in Algeria”.

CNUAC stated in a statement that “the use of justice as a tool of repression is a violation of fundamental freedoms and is by no means a solution to the evils and inconveniences of society.”

Coordinating adds that young students, university faculty, associations, collective groups and citizens can imprison themselves, under arrest warrants or under court control, for demanding their most basic rights as independent citizens.

These citizens, by a dictatorial, arbitrary and repressive force, have lost the right to freedom of expression, the public space, the administration of their country and the institutions that serve them and their aspirations. Coordination is angry.

CNUAC members warn of the consequences of rejecting the aspirations of the Algerian people, which could be “catastrophic” for the community and its development.

With the greatest commitment maintained by the Algerian community, they condemn Fear and Omerta.

According to them, “not all oppressors can and will destroy the aspirations of the people for freedom and democracy.”

Recently, the forces of the Coalition for Democratic Change (PAD), a coalition of several political parties, personalities and representatives of civil society in Algeria, called for the establishment of a front to fight against repression and for democratic freedom in this regard. Country.

“The time for our freedom and our rights is so important!” , As well as the Algerian League for Human Rights.

In this regard, the Confederation of These Parties regrets that today more than 300 political prisoners, including leaders and activists of political parties and associations, academics, journalists and lawyers, as well as many young Hirac and social media activists, and more than 300 political prisoners, including men and women, have been imprisoned. Reports. And arbitrarily prosecuted.

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The treaty on democratic change qualified the harsh attacks on the freedoms and horrific living conditions of the majority of Algerians as “intolerable”.

Members of the PAD condemned the “instrumentation of justice” and affirmed the “demand for the repeal of all killings laws, especially Article 87 of the Penal Code.”