March 25, 2023

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Algeria is embroiled in controversy over US support for Morocco

According to Mustafa El Ghalfi, Algeria is very upset with Morocco because of the state’s significant progress in the Sahara, with US support in December, recognizing its sovereignty over the region. In an interview with the Assabah daily, the former minister in charge of relations with parliament and a government spokesman, he believes Algeria’s attitude clearly demonstrates his fear of Morocco in the Sahara.

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He recalled that Morocco had opened dozens of embassies in Lyon and Douglas, thereby strengthening its base in the Sahara, claiming that Algeria had a hard tooth against Morocco, whose military is now authorized to use US weapons in the Sahara. The former minister also testified that the FAR was more experienced than the Algerian military.

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In addition, Algeria and Polisario have joined the UN. He hopes that in accordance with the latest resolutions of the Security Council, they will be forced to negotiate with Morocco to find a political solution to the conflict in the Sahara.

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