March 30, 2023

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Algeria loses diplomatic support at Arab League conference | Athalayar

Algeria’s ability to bring Arab countries together at the next Arab League summit – tentatively scheduled for November 1-2 – The question is constantly raised by its regional neighbours.

As the Algerian government told reporters after a regular session of the country’s parliament, Algeria is said to be “disappointed by the procrastination campaign” that has faced pressure from countries such as Egypt. Algerian Foreign Minister Ramthane Lamrara briefed Algeria to the media after the parliamentary session “it’s ready” A meeting should be held.

Photo/AFP – FILE PHOTO: Arab foreign ministers attend their 153rd annual session at the Arab League headquarters in the Egyptian capital Cairo on March 4, 2020.

In this context, Cairo argues that Algeria should postpone hosting the 31st meeting at a time when the two countries are in a delicate diplomatic situation.. One of the main reasons for this crisis is the recent visit of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abe Ahmed Ali to the North African country. Apart from strengthening relations between Ethiopia and Algeria, the visit threatens the ongoing diplomatic crisis between Egypt and Ethiopia over access to Nile water resources.

Because of this, Egypt has offered to postpone the summit, citing time differences and political differences over the complicated relations Algeria currently has with countries such as Morocco, particularly over the Western Sahara conflict. Algeria is said to be siding with Addis Ababa in its disputes with Egypt and Sudan over the construction of the Great Renaissance Dam, a multi-billion dollar project located in the Nile Basin.

Photo/File – Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali traveled to Algeria in late August to meet with Algerian President Abdelmadjib Debon and Prime Minister Ayman Benabterrahmane.

Algeria’s relations with Iran, along with Gulf governments, are another cause of growing mistrust between countries in the region. Algeria is one of the few countries in North Africa that maintains an overtly anti-Israel stance that describes any relationship with Israel. “irresponsible”This is in contrast to the recently established relations with the State of Israel by several Arab countries, such as the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, following the Abrahamic Covenant.

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For its part, Israel, aware of Algeria’s position and its attraction towards Tehran, is highly critical of the country’s actions. Thus, at a press conference held in Casablanca last August, Tel Aviv Foreign Minister Yair Labit told the Arab media that Algeria. “Since the beginning of the Arab Spring, it has become a conduit for terrorist movements at the instigation of Iran.”.

Photo/Reuters – Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

Another important issue causing disagreement among the various members of the League is the possible return of Syria. In 2011, Following the outbreak of civil war in the country, Syria was excluded from the Arab League and remains so to this day.. Unlike Egypt, which has imposed several sanctions on the al-Assad regime, Algeria has now shown a willingness to join Damascus, creating various divisions among League members.

However, in a move that could hurt Algeria, Syria wants to stay away from the summit. Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Meghdad announced to Algeria that his country would not withdraw from the Arab League conference, asking the issue. “Don’t Lift” During meetings.

The Algerian ministry said in a press release that the decision was made after a telephone conversation between Lamamra and his Syrian counterpart within the framework of consultations Algeria has been conducting with various Arab countries. “Towards Creating the Conditions for Summit Success”.

Photo/Sana – Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

said in the same press release “Among the issues discussed on this occasion is the relationship between the Syrian Arab Republic and the League of Arab StatesThe Syrian diplomatic chief indicated that his country prefers that the question of resuming its place in the League not be raised at the Algiers summit.

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He added, “Both sides expressed their desire to see the summit crowned with constructive results. It contributes to a political climate Strengthening healthy and inter-Arab relations with a view to promoting joint Arab action.