May 30, 2023

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Algeria piles up differences with Egypt ahead of Arab League summit

Kiosk360. Almost guaranteed to host the next Arab League summit, Algeria is not yet off track. His insistence on organizing an inter-Palestinian “mini-summit” before the Arab summit, among other disagreements, meant that Egypt, the Arab League’s mainstay, could defeat the Algiers summit itself.

According to London media Al Arabi Al Jadid, in an article published on Wednesday, September 21, many Egyptian diplomatic voices within the Arab League are once again raised to discuss the many differences of opinion on several regional issues, which further poisons relations between Algeria and Cairo. Unresolved, the files on the dispute risk compromising the hosting of the Arab League summit scheduled for November 1 in Algiers.

Egyptian diplomats particularly recall that the Algerian president, Abdelamdjid Tebboune, announced during his last meeting, on July 31, with two journalists from Algerian state media, that Palestinian factions would meet in Algiers ahead of the Arab summit. During this trip, the Algerian president used several angry expressions. He implied that Algeria had the “credibility needed to achieve reconciliation between rival Palestinian factions”.

According to a senior diplomat within the Arab League, the announcement was badly received by Cairo, which sees it as undermining its role in Palestine, especially since Debon continued his path of saying that Algeria is “the only country without” narrow calculations and ulterior motives in the Palestinian document”.

These grievous insults hurled at Egyptian diplomacy, ignoring Arab integration and all previous Arab League initiatives, did not go unnoticed. By rowing against the tide of the collective Arab movement and trying to go it alone on the Palestinian file, the Algerian regime has complicated the work of the Arab summit.

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Despite already failing to reconcile the views of the Palestinian factions, the inexorably aging military-political regime has chosen this rush as a ploy to fuel its campaign, which is mainly aimed in vain at mobilizing a local opinion in its favor. Useless.

However, the Palestinians do not want to be fooled by the stupidity of the Algerian regime and openly recognize that no country can replace Egypt, which in their view is the only correct interlocutor not only for resolving conflicts between Palestinian factions. They and the Israeli authorities.

In an interview with the site last Tuesday Al Arabi Al JadedPalestinian Mohammed El Hindee, a senior official at Islamic Jihad, asserted that Egypt is unique in managing Palestinian and Israeli-Palestinian tensions, particularly in Gaza.

These Algerian claims are not the only reason why Algerian-Egyptian relations continue to fray and can bury the chasm between Palestinian factions. Algerian diplomacy has recently intervened in several regional issues affecting Egypt’s core interests. This is the apparent support given to Ethiopia in its conflict with Cairo over the Renaissance Dam and the sharing of Nile waters. Algeria, which had originally offered itself as a mediator in the case, sided with Attis Ababa, much to Egypt’s displeasure.

In the Libyan case, both countries are poles apart. A proof of this is the recent episode in which the Egyptian delegation walked out of a meeting of the Arab League Council in protest at the leadership of the meeting by the foreign minister of the Algiers-backed Tripoli government. If the head of the Libyan government of national unity, Abdelhamid Dibebe, is invited to the Arab summit in Algiers, Egyptian delegates may slam the summit’s door because they do not recognize any legitimacy in the Tripoli government. .

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Similarly, the Algerian regime continues to cling to the Algiers-Damascus-Tehran axis despite being forced to sacrifice a Syrian ally, a condition imposed by many Arab countries to hold the Arab summit in Algiers. Its support for Syria’s speedy return to the Arab League. There was even a verbal exchange on the file between the Algerian foreign minister and some of his Arab counterparts during the last meeting of Arab MAEs in Cairo on September 6.

Obviously, the Moroccan Sahara is another point of total difference between Algeria and Egypt, the latter has strict respect for the “territorial integrity of the Arab states” and supports Morocco in the Sahara.

After all, it is the clearest position of the first African military power and the third largest economic power on the continent after Nigeria and South Africa, and a powerful member of the Arab League, whose headquarters it monopolizes. , one of the oldest civilizations in the world, a complex of dwarfism developed in Algeria, the latter sought to be controlled by illusions of luxury.